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In Mapper's having String as a primary Key, why is the MappedStringIndex not shown in the list of all fields that are obtained via the Mapper's allFields method

My Mapper goes like this ...

class DummyMapper extends KeyedMapper[String,DummyMapper] {

  def getSingleton = DummyMapper
  def primaryKeyField = dummyCode

  object dummyCode extends MappedStringIndex(this,5)
    override def writePermission_? = true
    override def dbAutogenerated_? = false
    override def dbNotNull_? = true
    override def dbColumnName="dummy_code"

I even tried it including in the fieldOrder. Still the result was same, it din't showed up in DummyMapper.allFields list

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primarykey fields ( of any data-type ) are not included in the list returned by allFileds method of the Mapper.

You can prepend the field separately if you want

something like

   var myMapperPrimaryKey=DummyMapper.primaryKeyField
   var fieldList=DummyMapper.allFields.toBuffer[BaseField]

// Now fieldList is having the primaryKey along with other fields.
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