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I've got a .sql file that I'd like to load into my Rails database using a Rake task. How can I do this?

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The Easy Way

This works for simple cases.


Solution found on the Ruby On Rails mailing list from 2006 (but still works in 2011 on Rails 3.1).


  • This related question implied this solution, but rejected it for big imports. I wanted to show it explicitly, since it works for smaller ones.
  • The file I was trying to import contained a LOCK TABLES followed by an insert. The data was for a MySQL database. Mysql2 said it had an invalid SQL syntax error until I removed the lock and unlock statements.
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Appears to still be working in Rails 4. - Thanks –  Sir.Nathan Stassen Jan 20 at 3:59
Rails 4 working solution: stackoverflow.com/a/24561299/2123922 –  Benjamin Sinclaire 2 days ago

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