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Hello I have this webiste www.liiklusinfo.ee and it's basically designed to work on web browsers, but is it possible to see that map on an Android mobile-phone? I can see that it is possible, because http://kraater.eu/en/map shows up on my android phone, but why isn't my website showing up? When I open the page, it states that I must get a new API code, but I have all the right API keys..

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It's definitely due to the fact that you are using Maps API v2 instead of v3.


V2 is causing some issues which is preventing v3 from loading. You may be able to find the route of those problems, but it would just be easier to switch to v3.

I would recommend reading this guide:


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I'd suggest upgrading to the version 3 api, the tag line is V3: The Solution for Maps Applications for both the Desktop and Mobile Devices after all.

This should solve your problem. Moreover, i can see the map on the opera mini browser on my android just not the other.

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Thanks for your answer mate! But as I have discovered that API V3 doesn't need an API key, how can I 'update' my map to v3? –  Tanel Särgava Dec 2 '11 at 13:50

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