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Each time I have to copy a query from MSAccess from a control's [record source] property and paste in notepad to align it just so I can read it.

I once used Ctrl+R to replace commas with newline characters but now forgot what the newline character is. Have you used this before, if so how can I get the newline character?

Better yet, is there a tool to auto align SQL from MSAccess or any of the Microsoft database tools.


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This online service "pretty" formats SQL for you Pretty SQL formatter or you could try using the Notepad++ replacement for Notepad; this includes a facility to search and replace for "extended" characters and replace them with newlines.

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v. nice. Thanks! –  bizl May 7 '09 at 16:09

In my AccdbMerge tool there is a function 'Indent SQL text' which does this trick for the most common query types. Even though this is a diff&merge tool, this feature will work even if you will open only one file, and it is available in the free version.

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