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I have this but the method isn't showing up on the object created in bluej. How can an do a binary search on an int array then output the found int?

public static int binarySearch(int a[], int element)
    int first = 0;
    int upto = a.length;

    while (first < upto) 
        int mid = (first + upto) / 2;  // Compute mid point.
        if (element < a[mid]) 
            upto = mid;                // repeat search in bottom half.
        } else if (element > a[mid]) 
                first = mid + 1;       // Repeat search in top half.
                    return mid;        // Found it. return position
     return -(first + 1);              // Failed to find key
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You made the method static. Therefore it most likely appears in the context menu of the class not of the object.

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If you always returned found the int you are looking for, you would just return element every time. There would be no point doing a search. This method returns the index of the elements or the negative of the place it is inserted.

BTW: This code example has an old bug in the

int mid = (first + upto) / 2

which should read

int mid = (first + upto) >>> 1;

as it does in Arrays.binarySearch();

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Explanation: if (first + upto) overflow maximal integer and becomes negative. –  Joop Eggen Dec 1 '11 at 14:58

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