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I just have simple filter graph whick takes media streams from rtsp source[ generally h264 and mp4 ] and save them using an mp4 muxer to a file...

RtspSourceFilter ---> MP4 Muxer ---> File Writer.

It works OK. But i have constraint[ new requirment now]. I have to write file based on two criteria: their size and duration...Suppose that user can define rules such as:

if duration > 1 hour or size > 1 gb then write stream to new file

In my graph in order to this,

I have to stop my graph based on conditions and create and start new one with new file name...

That is bad since at ever file i have to re-connect my source and possibly lost some data...

What is the best way to deal with it ?

My Solution: [ But not satisfied with it ]

I have the source code of RtspSourceFilter and MP4Muxer[open source] so that forgot FileWriter...MP4 Muxer became a writer with Muxer...So stop it internally and write when necessary and then cretae new file...Do some buffering for not looosing data...

   RTSP Source Filter ---> New MP4 Writer [ a writer with mp4 muxer in it]

But this introduce unnecessary complexity...Now i became maintainer of MUX operation via New MP4 Writer...Since i have no time to really understand what Mux do, i have to modify-hack it to behave what i want... Analogy: I have car and i will make a helicopter from it...It will be very ugly and un-trusted helicopter...Probably my New MP4 Filter [code] will be so...[ Big Ball of Mud]

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It sounds like GMFBridge may be of use to you. It allows you to create one source graph, and multiple sink graphs. Then when your constraint is met, bridge the source graph to a new sink graph.

If you put the bridge in buffer (non-discard) mode, you should not loose any samples.

However, you will have to investigate if this solution works for you. Have a look at the sample applications for a quick overview.

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I used it...Not works well..Problem with video data...And i have to stop first part of graph in GMFBridge which means i have to reconnect my source... –  Novalis Dec 1 '11 at 15:39
Thanks by the way... –  Novalis Dec 1 '11 at 15:41

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