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(Using VS 2010 with a Visual Studio Installer project.)

I have added a 'Checkboxes(A)' dialog to the 'User Interface' under the 'Start | Welcome' dialog and set a checkbox with the property set to "DESKTOPICON". The option is being displayed.

In the 'File System' the 'User's Desktop' has the condition property set to DESKTOPICON=1.

When I run the install on my VM the option appears to be ignored and the desktop shortcut under the User's Desktop list is always installed.

I looked at these similar posts but it does not seem to work for the desktop icon?

How do I specify Visual Studion Installer Conditions?

Visual Studio Deployment Project Optional Desktop Shortcut

Is it normal for the User's Desktop to ignore it's condition property or am I doing something wrong?

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Visual Studio setup projects create only shortcuts to installed files. This type of shortcuts are linked to their target and share the same component.

Since in Windows Installer you can condition only components and features, you cannot condition a shortcut directly.

A common approach is to write a custom action which removes the shortcut. You can then condition the action instead of the actual shortcut or its folder.

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Thank you for answer it has helped to lead me to this article: codeproject.com/KB/install/shortcut_installer.aspx which describes the custom action in some detail. –  James Dec 2 '11 at 17:35
Have this all working and understand how to customize my install more now. Yay :-) –  James Dec 2 '11 at 18:32

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