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i wanted to do query in table for field id with some vales like 1,5,4,11 which will come from previous screen according to selection.

cursor = database.query(tablename,
                    new String[] { "TopName" }, "id =?", new String[]{"2,3"}, null, null, null);

when i do like this i am getting cursor count 0,with new String[]{"2"} i am getting value i want for all ids with values in string array like OR which have value in that column.

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You can use the IN operator like this,

cursor = database.query(tablename, new String[] {"TopName"}, "id IN(?,?)", 
                                        new String[]{"2","3"}, null, null, null);
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this the perfect syntax worked –  ud_an Dec 2 '11 at 4:40
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VolkerK was first to correctly answer the question, but for the sake of completeness here is a full example of how to use the IN operator:

cursor = database.query(tablename,
                new String[] { "TopName" }, "id IN (?)", new String[]{"2,3"}, null, null, null);
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Use the IN operator instead of equality comparison (=).

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thks can you please the post full query i just hv to write IN ? –  ud_an Dec 1 '11 at 15:47
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For the SelectionArgs section I think you need to change:

new String[]{"2,3"}


new String[]{"2","3"}
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That's not what the OP is looking for, and it would actually cause an error since the number of supplied arguments is different from the number of ? fields. VolkerK's answer is correct. –  Graham Borland Dec 1 '11 at 16:08
Oh ok...I see it now. I have the same question as ud_an then. How do you use the "IN" operator in the query above? –  Neil Hoff Dec 1 '11 at 16:14
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The correct syntax for using the IN operator in Android's ContentProvider is as follows:

cursor = database.query(contentUri, projection, "columname IN(?,?)", new String[]{"value1" , "value2"}, sortOrder);

Alternatively, we can also use,

cursor = database.query(contentUri, projection, "columnName IN(?)", new String[] {" 'value1' , 'value2' "}, sortOrder);

Note that we need single quotes around each comma-separated value in the arguments for second case, otherwise the whole string will be treated as one value for the column. The SQL will treat it as

SELECT * FROM table WHERE columnName IN ('value1,value2')

instead of the correct syntax

SELECT * FROM table WHERE columnName IN ('value1' , 'value2')

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