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I need to implement a shell script that kills a process. The problem is that I need to do a conditional to be able to see if the process is running or not.

This is my code, but it is not working:


if [ -x  "MY_PROCCESS_NAME"]; then
    killall MY_PROCCESS_NAME
    echo "Doesn't exist"

This is the error:

line 3: [: missing `]'
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The error is telling you that you need a space before ] (but it still won't solve your problem since -x won't tell you if a process is running or not). – Shawn Chin Dec 1 '11 at 15:53
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to check if a process is running on mac os x you can use:

pid=$(ps -fe | grep 'process name' | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}')

if you want to reduce the number of shell scripts you can enclose one of the characters of the name of the process in square brackets:

pid=$(ps -fe | grep '[p]rocess name' | awk '{print $2}')

combined in your test this would look like:

pid=$(ps -fe | grep '[p]rocess name' | awk '{print $2}')
if [[ -n $pid ]]; then
    kill $pid
    echo "Does not exist"

it's a little more complicated than you would need to do under linux as you generally have the 'pgrep' command, which is the rough equivalent of the 'ps -fe | grep ... | grep -v grep'

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If you're going to use awk anyway, skip the grep -- awk '/[p]rocess_name/{print $1}' – Shawn Chin Dec 1 '11 at 15:57
Thanks for the answer!. When I run your code, I am always obtaining the "Does not exist" message, even if the process is running. – Ana Dec 1 '11 at 16:00
Sounds like the pattern match is not finding your process. Make sure that "ps -fe | grep '[p]rocess name'" gives you a line matching the process, so for example if you were looking for WindowServer then the line would read "ps -fe | grep '[W]indowServer'" – Petesh Dec 1 '11 at 16:06
I had an issue with the script, now is fine, but when I run the script, it kills all my machine :S, I only see the desktop image, the other programs and process disapear. – Ana Dec 1 '11 at 16:55
It's the usual problem of making sure that you only match your process, and not anything else - e.g. If your program is called 'inder' then the Greg of the process will also pick up on 'Finder', which would kill your desktop! – Petesh Dec 1 '11 at 17:05

not sure if it would work in OSX, it works in ubuntu.

but as a one liner:

ps aux | awk '$11~/vim/ {PID = $2} END {if (PID) print "kill -9 "PID; else print "echo no process"}' | bash

what it does is it finds a process, in this case, vim and returns the kill -9 pid if no string is found it returns echo no process it then pipes the output to bash.

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