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I'm trying to use WebKit's audits panel to remove some unused CSS in a fairly complicated webapp I'm working on. It loads forever, and it's not a bug in WebKit because it works well on other sites. All resources have finished loading - there are no pending requests that I can see, and I think JavaScript should be idling too...

This happens both in Chrome and Safari (latest), OS X 10.7.

Any ideas?

Loading (33 of 33) forever

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Since recently, canary Chrome allows you to stop running audits, but the best option possible would be coming up with a publicly available test case URL that can be accessed by developers, and filing a respective bug using http://new.crbug.com (mention "DevTools" in the summary line and set the "Feature-DevTools" label if possible.)

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Was about to answer this question myself - I saw the "stop running audits" patch when I did some investigating. Then I got some sense and tried the latest nightly and found out that the bug has been fixed. So anyone having this issue can use a later version of WebKit for debugging. Thanks! –  Caleb Hearon Dec 13 '11 at 15:04

I find that Webkit's audit runs forever when it has no errors to find. It's a bug and it's probably reported. What I usually do is just restart the browser and do another audit. That usually works. In the meantime I'm sure a fix will be out

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Tried restarting the browser multiple times. Also I know there should be at least one error because one thing it checks is unused CSS classes, of which there are plenty on this page. –  Caleb Hearon Dec 2 '11 at 14:44

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