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I have came across an issue where i am unable to find a solution.I am working on a web-application and have to impliment Oauth, things are working fine for me except one issue,in my redirect back URL from Yahoo i am getting several parametersand i need to access few of them in my action class.

Now i can easily create a property in my action class with its getter and setter methods but the name of the property is


and my Eclipse editor will not allow me to name a variable like this.Though one solution is add RequestAware interceptor in my action class and access the parameter.

my Question is can i access it without using RequestAware inteceptor?

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i know about that,but my issue is with the name of parameter openid.response_nonce which i am getting back from Yahoo – Umesh Awasthi Dec 1 '11 at 15:55

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There isn't a RequestAware interceptor... There is a Servlet-Config interceptor which will check if your action has one of the following interfaces: ServletContextAware, ServletRequestAware, ServletResponseAware, ParameterAware, RequestAware, SessionAware, ApplicationAware, PrincipalAware.

The Servlet-Config interceptor is part of the default-stack, which you are probably already using. So there is no additional cost or configuration required to use one of the aware interfaces.

That aside, if you have a parameter called "openid.response_nonce" which contains a string, you should be able to refer to it with:

//following not tested, and not checked for syntax errors

private Map openid = new HashMap();
//In Constructor{
//create BOTH a getter and setter for openid
public getOpenid(){
  return openid;

public setOpenid(Map openid){
  this.openid = openid;

Now struts2 should be able to figure out how to set the value... I think, sorry didn't test it. You could always create a class called Openid with a response_nonce property(along with the appropriate getters and setters for that Class)... but I think in this case it might be best to just use RequestAware if you only need that single property.

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I think that you maybe looking for the Alias interceptor.


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