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In Rails, how can you update a child record with values from its parent before either the child or parent are saved?

I'm using Rails' nested attributes to create a parent record with many children. The parent record has a user_id attribute to track its owner, and for purposes outside of the scope of this question, the child record also needs to store this user_id attribute.

Currently, I'm using a before_save callback on the child model:

before_save   :set_user_id

def set_user_id
  if user = self.parent.try(:user) 
    self[:user_id] =

But because I also need to make sure that the child is unique for a given parent/user combo, I have to do this:

validates :parent, 
          :uniqueness => {:scope => :user_id}, 
          :unless =>{|child| child.user_id.blank?}

The problem is that unless parameter. The child's user_id attr is blank until after validation, so the validation effectively isn't run on child creation. This causes a problem if users double-submit the form; the result is that duplicate, invalid subscriptions end up in the database. I've tried to fix this by changing this:

before_save   :set_user_id


before_validate   :set_user_id

but it appears the parent's user_id is not accessible before validation.

Has anybody encountered such a problem?

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Just for the clarification: the parent may not have a user? That's what self.parent.try(:user) tells me but you didn't mention it in your question – Damien Dec 6 '11 at 23:11
@Delba no, that means the parent may be nil – Thong Kuah Dec 9 '11 at 8:57
@ThongKuah uh that's basically the same thing... Just wanted to get confirmation by the asker because it influences the answer. – Damien Dec 9 '11 at 10:38
@Delba, no, the parent exist & have a user. So that can be rewritten as self.parent.user – trisignia Dec 9 '11 at 20:20
@trisignia I've tried the code on 3.0.x project, the parent and the parent's attributes is available to the child in before_validation. More-ever, if the parent is new too, you will still get a duplicate as parent_id will always be different. If the parent already exists, it seems that the child can only have the user_id from the parent always. So effectively, this limits the number of children for each parent to one anyway ? – Thong Kuah Dec 9 '11 at 23:43

If possible, can you just put a hidden field in the form with the user_id in it? You'll probably need to do some validation and potential rollback in an after_save, but seems like it might be easy.

Another option might be to just set the user_id for all the relevant objects in the params hash in the controller before calling the save/create on the parent object.

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