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I am trying to use Twig templates to display some objects fetched with Doctrine 1. I face an issue when accessing a relation declared with hasMany in the setUp function of the User class. In my PHP code I can do a $user->Instance without any issue but if I pass $user to the template and try to do a user.Instance an exception is raised:

Doctrine_Record_Exception' with message 'Unknown method User::Instance'

How can I solve this?


PS: using user.get('Instance') seems to work though I would of course prefer to avoid it

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To avoid this you have to define all the getters you want to call in the template because doctrine uses "magic methods" (__call()-method) to provide you the getters and setters.

E.g. for property "firstname":

Twig checks whether the method "getFirstname" exists but there is no method "getFirstname" defined in your model.

Here you find a patch to tell doctrine to genrate the getters and setters: http://coolsoft.altervista.org/en/blog/2009/03/how-make-symfonydoctrine-generate-accessors

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