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I have a sheet of data, within which there are many adjacent columns that need to be compared i.e.

  • compare column A to column B,
  • compare column C to column D,
  • compare column E to column F, etc

If the data in the cell in the right hand column is higher than the data in the cell in the left hand column, I want the data in the cell in the right hand column to appear green.

So, for example, if cell A2="C", but the data in B2="D", then B2 would be green.

I can do this easily. But then, once I have got that condidtional formatting down in one column, I have to 'format paint' it to the next column (in this case, column D) to and then alter the forumla to get it to compare the cells in column D with the cells in column C.

Is there any forumla that I can enter that would always ensure that "the cells in this column get compared with the cells in the column immediately to the left", no matter which column I copied the conditional formatting (using format paint) into?

I have many sheets with many many columns, and it is taking me ages to alter the formula in each conditional formatting example!

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Do you want to compare only constant entries ("10","C" etc), or formulae (=A1, =10) and constants? – brettdj Dec 1 '11 at 22:44
The entries are static (i.e. not made using a formula) but I'll never know how many columns it applies to as each worksheet is different. Does this help? – user1075912 Dec 2 '11 at 8:19


I think that you are looking for this...

enter image description here

Try this. If you need more help, let me know.

What I did: Put a letter in B2 and an other letter in C2, then created rule 1 in B2 as =B2>C3 and selected the format as green background. The in C2 as = B2

enter image description here

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The last part of my text was overwritten by the second picture... It said. Copy B2 and C2 down and fill in the data (as paste values only) – Robert Ilbrink Dec 1 '11 at 20:03
Right, it seems I haven't been a member for lnog enough to post a picture of what I have so far, so I'll try and describe it. In the "conditional Formatting" box, I have the rule 'Formula: =$E1<$D1'. The Format is 'Background=Green'. and 'Applies to' is "=$e:$E". If I just take the '$' out of the 'Formula' portions, would this mean that I could just copy it across and it will always update itself to it's not location (column)? – user1075912 Dec 2 '11 at 9:12

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