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I have some regional maps from an open data directory (electoral districts; Barcelona, Spain; link). They are DWG or DGN shapes and polygons

I have found an online tool to convert these files to KML/KMZ files (link).

So, what I don't know is how to fit these shapes in the coordinates of the region. In other words, how to georeference them.

What I want is to import these georeferenced shapes into Google Earth, as a first step to work with them in a Fusion Tables (tool I'm familiar with)

I'm a 'new' journalist, working with a Mac, used to work with designed tools as Illustrator. Familiar with Fusion Tables. I don't have Autocad.


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You can use ogr2ogr to convert the dwg files to a kml, and then upload that. See Converting a CAD file to a shape file for a related question, and add -f "KML" so your output file is in kml format rather than the default shapefile.

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