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Assume I have a class "SomeClass" that has a lookup dictionary: DataDictionary;

I currently have a mapping in SomeClass.hbm.xml like this:

<class name="SomeClass>

  <id name="ID" type="System.Guid">
    <generator class="guid" />

  <map name="DictionaryProperty" table="SomeClass_Data">
    <key column="SomeClassID" />
    <index column="Key" type="System.String" />
    <element column="Value" type="System.String" />


I want to use NHibernate's new (version 3.2) By Code mappings. How would I map the dictionary property above?

Currently I have:

  public class SomeClassMap :ClassMap<SomeClass>

     public SomeClassMap()
        Id(x => x.ID, mapping => mapping.Generator(Generators.Guid));
        Map(x = x.DictionaryProperty, mapping =>
              mapping.Key(k => k.Column("SomeClassID"));


Mostly I am at a loss for how to specify the equivalent of the index and the element for a dictionary mapping.

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Each part of the dictionary mapping requires a separate delegate:

Map(x => x.DictionaryProperty,
    mapping =>
        mapping.Key(k => k.Column("SomeClassID"));
    mapping => mapping.Element(k => k.Column("Key")),
    mapping => mapping.Element(k => k.Column("Value")));

The first Element is the map-key (index is obsolete for map), and the second one is the element.

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"index is obsolete for map"...the official documentation makes no mention of this =( –  wllmsaccnt Dec 1 '11 at 19:48
Yeah... I was working on a doc patch for that, but lost it. Anyway, index still works, it's just that map-key is preferred. –  Diego Mijelshon Dec 1 '11 at 22:05

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