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I'm customizing the results returned by a drupal 6 installation and I need help with sorting.

this is the code I'm currently using, which sorts by node type:

function balenciaga_preprocess_search_results(&$variables) {

    $variables['search_results'] = '';

    // get a list of node types
    $nodeTypes = node_get_types();

    // loop through results, group by type
    $resultTypes = array();
    foreach ($variables['results'] as $result)
        $resultTypes[$result['node']->type][] = $result; 

    // create fieldsets for each type
    foreach ($resultTypes as $resultType => $resultTypeResults)
        $value = "";
        // loop through entries
        foreach ($resultTypeResults as $result)
            $value .= theme('search_result', $result, $variables['type']);

        // add fieldset
        $variables['search_results'] .= theme('fieldset',
                '#title' => $nodeTypes[$resultType]->name,
                '#collapsible' => TRUE,
                '#collapsed' => FALSE,
                '#value' => $value,


    $variables['pager'] = theme('pager', NULL, 10, 0);
    // Provide alternate search results template.
    $variables['template_files'][] = 'search-results-'. $variables['type'];

What I need to do is sort by the value of a CCK field "field_catagory", and I'm not sure how to modify the code. any pointers would be great.

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Where is the sorting? All I see is a grouping by node type. You also want to keep this? And is this field_category available for all node types? – Max Dec 16 '11 at 18:53
Yes, that was the example code I was trying to model off of, I ended up killing the idea and going to Solr. Thanks for the help. – Stephanie Dec 27 '11 at 20:49

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