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Unfortunately, I have mixed .NET version projects. Some legacy code is in .NET 1.1 and other is in .NET 3.5. I cannot use

exec { msbuild test.sln } 

because msbuild does not support compiling .NET 1.1 solution.

How can I build .NET 1.1 solutions with psake? I think psake is cool and want to utilise it.

On command prompt, I can do

.\ /rebuild release "c:\engine.sln"

But I can't figure out how I do the same thing within psake build file.

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.\ /rebuild release "c:\engine.sln"

is what you do, all you have to do is either make sure devenv is in PATH or supply the full path and do:

exec { /rebuild release "c:\engine.sln"}
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Many thanks. It turned out that – Andy Dec 2 '11 at 22:22

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