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I've been having some strange problems with the collision code of a game I'm making, and I've been able to trace it down to this: the getters of my properties are returning NaN, instead of an actual number.

Here are the declarations of the properties, at the top of the class:

private var _top:Number;
private var _bottom:Number;
private var _left:Number;
private var _right:Number;

And here are the getters:

public function get top():Number 
    return _top;

public function get bottom():Number 
    return _bottom;

public function get left():Number 
    return _left;

public function get right():Number 
    return _right;

The values become generated by calling the public function setSides(tileSize:Number) of a class instance (the values depending on the tileSize parameter). After I've run that, I run a trace which gets the values using the getters, but all of them return NaN.

The thing is, if I run a similar trace within setSides(), without using the getters - i.e. using the variables directly - they return the correct values. And to make sure, I also did it within the function using the getters, so I'm sure they're the problem.

Anyone know what's going on?

EDIT: Here is my setSides() function:

public function setSides(tileSize:Number):void 
    var _top:Number = Math.floor(_yPos / tileSize);
    var _bottom:Number = Math.floor((_yPos + 45) / tileSize);
    var _left:Number = Math.floor(_xPos / tileSize);
    var _right:Number = Math.floor((_xPos + 20) / tileSize);

    trace("top: " + top + " bottom: " + top + " left: " + left + " right: " + right); //This gives the correct values, not NaN

But even if there was something wrong with my values I'm assigning (which would show in my trace), I've assigned a value of 0 to each of the variables in my constructor, so they shouldn't give NaN from the moment my class is instantiated.

EDIT: Oh man, I just noticed this now. Due to some testing and re-editing I did, I was still using my variables as if I was defining them (with the var and :Number). Also, the "assigning 0 to them" was also before this testing and re-editing I mentioned, so that wasn't present.

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These getter looks fine. Please post the code of setSides and the place where you are getting correct values without using getter. May be the values are changed in some other place. –  taskinoor Dec 1 '11 at 18:13
By default, they will be NaN. Only seeing how the values are set will help to answer your question. –  Jason Sturges Dec 1 '11 at 19:31

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Remove the "var" and the type "Number" from your "setSides()" method. Those are local variables. You're not actually setting anything. Should be:

    _top = Math.floor(_yPos / tileSize);
    _bottom = Math.floor((_yPos + 45) / tileSize);
    _left = Math.floor(_xPos / tileSize);
    _right = Math.floor((_xPos + 20) / tileSize);
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Thanks, I noticed that as soon as I posted it. I don't know why it didn't come up with a syntax (or other type of) error though. I've also assigned 0 to them in the constructor (see why I thought I had that in my edit above) so that I don't get any more NaN. –  puggsoy Dec 1 '11 at 20:56
No problem. The default is good, so it's still a little odd why it was NaN, but perhaps it's because the "get" doesn't take default values initially, or isn't called like that. –  Dominic Tancredi Dec 1 '11 at 23:51

Numbers defaults are nan.. so:

private var _top:Number =0;
private var _bottom:Number =0;
private var _left:Number =0;
private var _right:Number =0;

and in setSides() you are setting vars with numbers inside the same class, so trace works. Try to setSides() and after that your getters works. I hope i am right 'cos i'm so sure about this :)

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