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Is there a way to create a resource qualifier for landscape mode, but only for sphones? For large screens I'm using Fragments, so the layout in portrait mode really looks better for them. Currently my resources look like this:


In layout, I have the layouts for the activities on phones and for the fragments in default (portrait) mode. The other two folders are for the activities in "medium" and "big" tablet screens. If I create a


To better support landscape on phones, It will be used for tablets on landscape. Duplicating the file from layout in layout-w600dp-land makes me itch... is there a way to do what I want without duplicating files?

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I'm not exactly sure you're trying to accomplish but I would read through this article to see if it helps answer your question:

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Thanks! I "solved" it by creating different files for the layouts, like main_port.xml and main_land.xml and then creating a layout.xml file in different values folders (such as values-sw600dp-land and values-land) with a main item pointing to either main_port or main_land. Not sure if this doesn't make me itch even more, though... I wish there was a biggest width qualifier :( – Beowulf Bjornson Dec 1 '11 at 19:29
Just what i needed. Good article – Oritm Dec 14 '12 at 9:29

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