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I am using AdMob ad in my application. Ads are displayed correctly.

When i tap the ad,some of the ads are opening in full screen webpage in my application.When i tap the Done button, it did not close the full screen ad. ad page just frozen.

AdMob API id invoke the

  • (void)adViewWillDismissScreen:(GADBannerView *)adView;

delegate method

but it never invoked the following delegate method.

  • (void)adViewDidDismissScreen:(GADBannerView *)adView;

I had to kill the application in iPad2. I had to restart the iPhone 4s device (since i could not locate my application in the running application panel to kill).

Not sure what is wrong. I could not find any details in google.

Any help is highly appreciated.


Sasikumar JP

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Are you sure you've set the rootViewController on your ad properly? Are you using the latest version of the AdMob SDK as well? – RajPara Dec 1 '11 at 23:02
I was using 4.x sdk, it was causing this issue. i tried with the latest AdMob SDK, it solved the problem. Thanks for your update – jpsasi Dec 2 '11 at 3:49

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