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Any input on how to get Maven war-app fully setup in Eclipse as "Dynamic Web Project"?

We have a webproject setup and working in Maven3.

Using Eclipse-Indigo, latest version, and running

mvn eclipse:eclipse

to import it into Eclipse.

This works fine for the Java-files compilation, but cannot build a war-file and deploy to an appserver defined in Eclipse. Would be nice to get that working, too.

(I read that you can use m2eclipse for this, but I sincerely hate it, because (at least some months ago when I last tried it) it's still ridiculously slow to build a reasonably large/complex application -- like it said "Build Project and go have a coffee" in the menu).

I now saw, however, that you can also do

  mvn eclipse:eclipse -Dwtpversion=[version]

Problem, according to documentation


is that [version] can only be "R7", "1.0", or "1.5". That seems like awfully old versions...

According to WTP documentation


that would require you to downgrade to Eclipse-3.2 from way-back-when...

So anybody has a reasonable solution to this?

Can it also somehow work with recent versions of Eclipse and WTP?

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Do not use maven-eclipse-plugin.

Instead use Eclipse's own m2e plugin.

If you follow the link, there is a video that will help you get started.

m2e is officially integrated with WTP and, from my experience, works very well.

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