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I have this file: Default (OSX).sublime-keymap and when I try git add Default (OSX).sublime-keymap I get the following error: sh: syntax error near unexpected token('` is there a workaround...or I need to rename the file...

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You're parsing two values to git add: Default and (OSX).sublime-keymap. That's not what you want probably :) – frarees Dec 1 '11 at 18:32
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There are two related problems with your use of the command line, neither of which is specific to Git:

  • Parentheses need to be escaped. Your command line shell is actually an interpreter, and parentheses are significant to it.
  • Spaces need to be escaped. Spaces separate commands and arguments. Assuming you've escape the parentheses, you're now passing two files to git add, one called "Default" and one called "(OSX).sublime-keymap".

You need to either use quotes around the whole filename, or escape the parentheses and spaces with backslashes:

git add "Default (OSX).sublime-keymap"


git add Default\ \(OSX\).submlime-keymap

Note that your shell may support tab-completion. Try typing git add Def and hitting tab a few times, and your shell may auto-complete the filename for you, correctly escaping the spaces and parentheses.

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Thanks a lot for your time sir. – Uffo Dec 1 '11 at 18:43

Either rename your file or escape the parentheses and whitespace:

git add Default\ \(OSX\).sublime-keymap
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