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I am trying to "flatten out" the contents of a source List to fields on the Dest object, as follows:

class Source
    public IList<TypeX> TypeXs {get; set;}

class Dest
    public int IdentifierXValue { get; set;}
    public int IdentifierYValue { get; set;}
    public int IdentifierZValue { get; set;}

class TypeX
   Identifier Identifier {get; set;}
   float Value {get; set;}

enum Identifier 

Mapping from source to dest works fine using the below mapping:

Mapper.CreateMap<Source, Dest>.ForMember( dest => dest.IdentifierXValue, opt =>     opt.MapForm(src => src.TypeXs.First(f => f.Identifier == Identifier.X).Value));

How do I achieve the reverse mapping? The "Source" reference will already exist and it will have prepopulated references to TypeXs. I just need to search for a TypeX object whose Identifier matches (say X) and for that object I need to replace the value with the IdentifierXValue in the Dest object.

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This worked for me

Mapper.CreateMap<Dest, Source>()
      .ForMember(d => d.TypeXs, opt => opt.Ignore())
      .AfterMap((s, d) =>
                          d.TypeXs.First(tx => tx.Identifier == Identifier.X).Value = s.IdentifierXValue;
                          d.TypeXs.First(tx => tx.Identifier == Identifier.Y).Value = s.IdentifierYValue;
                          d.TypeXs.First(tx => tx.Identifier == Identifier.Z).Value = s.IdentifierZValue;
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Thats exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot. – rhk98 Dec 2 '11 at 18:28

I think you'll need a custom type converter. That would probably be the easiest way.

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