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Is it possible to specify a user agent in a rails integration test or spec?

I'm testing a request in my rails app using rspec. I need to be able to set the user agent before the request.

This is not working:

  describe "GET /articles feed for feedburner" do
it "displays article feed if useragent is feedburner" do
  # Run the generator again with the --webrat flag if you want to use webrat methods/matchers
  5.times do
    @articles << Factory(:article, :status=>1, :created_at=>3.days.ago)
  request.env['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] = 'feedburner'
  get "/news.xml" 
  response.should be_success
  response.content_type.should eq("application/xml")
  response.should include("item[title='#{@articles.first.title}']")


How can I properly specify the user agent?

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Try using this in your test.


Replace FeedBurner/1.0 with the user agent you want to use. I don't know if that exact code will work but something like it should.

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I didn't have any luck with this, even calling it immediately before post, I still had request.user_agent == nil in the controller. Could you post a more complete example? – dukedave Sep 13 '12 at 20:21

This is what I do in an integration test - notice the last hash that sets REMOTE_ADDR (without HTTP_). That is, you don't have to set HTTP header before the request, you can do so as part of the request.

# Rails integration tests don't have access to the request object (so we can't mock it), hence this hack
it 'correctly updates the last_login_ip attribute' do
  post login_path, { :email =>, :password => user.password }, { 'REMOTE_ADDR' => 'some_address' }
  user.last_login_ip.should == 'some_address'
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Define this somewhere (e.g. spec_helper.rb):

module DefaultUserAgent

  def post(uri, params = {}, session = {})
    super uri, params, {'HTTP_USER_AGENT' => MY_USER_AGENT}.merge(session)

  def get(uri, params = {}, session = {})
    super uri, params, {'HTTP_USER_AGENT' => MY_USER_AGENT}.merge(session)


Then just include DefaultUserAgent when you need it.

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