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Best way to check if a DLL file is a CLR assembly in C#

I have a assembly from a DLL file. I need to check whether the DLL file is originally from a .NET project or from a COM project. How can I find it using C# programmatically.

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Is it good enough to know if the assembly can be successfully loaded by the runtime? If so, check out this question:

Best way to check if a DLL file is a CLR assembly in C#

The problem is, as I said in my other answer, it's entirely possible that it could be both, if there's a COM wrapper for a .Net object in use. Read: Your question doesn't make sense.

It would make sense to ask: Is it native, or CLR? Or to ask: Does it support COM?

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Yes, I am not clear of what I asked. I lack knowledge in DLL, COM and C#. Let me make the problem clear. –  Uma Shankar Subramani Dec 1 '11 at 19:49
The dll file could be either created from a Smart Device C# or Smart Device C++ project. How do I differentiate from these two DLLs. –  Uma Shankar Subramani Dec 1 '11 at 19:50

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