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I have menu items with an accelerators. I would like to detect when a menu item was clicked as opposed to executed using accelerator. Is this possible?

Thanks, Alexander.

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While you can listen for MouseEVents and Actions, you can also just inspect the modifiers of the ActionEvent and see if a key was involved in the event or not. That way, you only have one listener to deal with...

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It is possible that a user is pressing a modifier while clicking the menu item. But I think this is close enough. Thanks. – Alexander Shyrokov Dec 1 '11 at 21:25

a mouse click will fire off a MouseEvent and an Action. An accelerator will only fire off an action.

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You can compare the key-info in the ActionEvent with the Action#ACCELERATOR_KEY key-value pair, which should be able to distinguish between a user clicking while holding a random/modifier key, and the actual accelerator key combination

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