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I have a custom load function that just extends Pig's PigStorage load func. I'm looking to do some work with type casting, but I need access to the schema, but I'm not sure how/where to access the pig schema. I'm not sure if you need any additional information, but if you do, please let me know, and I'll happy to provide it.

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Pig doesn't reliably provide the user-defined schema to a LoadFunc. If you implement LoadPushdown, and only some of the fields are needed, you'll get a call that indicates which of the fields are required; but that's only if projection happens, so you can't rely on that for 100% of the use cases.

To play with typecasting, you can implement a custom LoadCaster interface; it will be used to translate from bytearrays to specific types, and you can do your conversions there.

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You'll need to implement LoadMetadata interface and provide your schema details from the getSchema method. In there you'll have to work with:


to define the schema for your load function.

public ResourceSchema getSchema() {
    List<FieldSchema> fieldSchemaList = new ArrayList<FieldSchema>();

    fieldSchemaList.add( new FieldSchema("column_name1", );
    fieldSchemaList.add( new FieldSchema("column_name2", );
    fieldSchemaList.add( new FieldSchema("column_name3", );

    return new ResourceSchema( new Schema(fieldSchemaList) );
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