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I wish to copy the value of a field in a column to another field in the same column. My reasoning is that field is ctrl-a delimited and I don't know how to input that using an insert manually.

I tried:

update table_foo
set my_column =
   select my_column
   from table_foo
   where id=5
where id=1;

this gives me:

ERROR 1093 (HY000): You can't specify target table 

Or if you know how to insert a CTRL+A delimited value as well that would solve my problem. Thanks!

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The usual workaround for the "You can't specify target table" is to wrap it in yet another layer of subquery, which will cause MySQL to create a temporary table before running the UPDATE, rather than trying to read the table at the same time as updating it:

UPDATE table_foo
   SET my_column =
        ( SELECT my_column
            FROM ( SELECT my_column
                     FROM table_foo
                    WHERE id = 5
                 ) t
 WHERE id = 1

That said, you say that your only issue is that you don't know how to enter Ctrl-A? That's much more easily solved. :-)   Use the built-in CHAR() function. This:

UPDATE table_foo
   SET my_column = CONCAT(CHAR(1), 'text', CHAR(1))
 WHERE id = 1

will set my_column to ^Atext^A.

(Disclaimer: these are both untested.)

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CHAR() did the trick. thx –  Stoob Dec 2 '11 at 18:02
@Stoob: You're welcome! –  ruakh Dec 2 '11 at 18:03

It's not clear to me what "ctrl-a" delimited values are (in what character encoding?), but the following will do what you need, creating an entire table alias from which you can pull your selection:

update table_foo set my_column = (SELECT my_column FROM (SELECT * FROM table_foo) AS t WHERE t.id = 5) where id=1

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not sure either, but thanks. CHAR() seems to work –  Stoob Dec 2 '11 at 18:02

Take a look to mysql documentation:

Error 1093 (ER_UPDATE_TABLE_USED) SQLSTATE = HY000 Message = "You can't specify target table 'x' for update in FROM clause" This error occurs in cases such as the following, which attempts to modify a table and select from the same table in the subquery:

UPDATE t1 SET column2 = (SELECT MAX(column1) FROM t1);

You can use a subquery for assignment within an UPDATE statement because subqueries are legal in UPDATE and DELETE statements as well as in SELECT statements. However, you cannot use the same table (in this case, table t1) for both the subquery FROM clause and the update target.

For a workaround read @spud and @ruakh answers.

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