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I am looking for the library for splitting (divide) a binary file into multiple files. If there is 20MB size of file named "test.m4v" in iOS temporary folder (NSTemporaryDirectory()), I would like to split that to

  • test.m4v.000 (7MB)
  • test.m4v.001 (7MB)
  • test.m4v.002 (6MB)

Something like that (It doesn't have to be '7MB', could be 5MB like that)

like command line split command., I don't think we can call this command inside iOS app.

Is there iOS (free/paid) library to do that? I might need to just low level access and write it, but I am too lazy to do that ;)

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This should work assuming the file isn't so large that it freaks out at dataWithContentsOfFile:filename. iOS might do caching in the background, but I don't know.

-(NSUInteger)splitFile:(NSString *)filename chunkSize:(NSUInteger)chunkSize {
    NSUInteger chunksWritten;

    NSFileManager *fm = [[[NSFileManager alloc] init] autorelease];
    NSData *fileData = [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:filename];
    NSString *newFileName;
    NSRange dataRange;
    for (chunksWritten = 0; chunksWritten * chunkSize < [fileData length]; chunksWritten++) {
        newFileName = [filename stringByAppendingPathExtension:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%03d", chunksWritten]];
        dataRange = NSMakeRange(chunksWritten * chunkSize, MIN(chunkSize, [fileData length] - chunksWritten * chunkSize));
        if (![fm createFileAtPath:newFileName contents:[fileData subdataWithRange:dataRange] attributes:nil]) {
            NSLog(@"Error writing chunk #%d", chunksWritten);
    return chunksWritten;

The error checking obviously needs to be more robust.

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That's cool. I am going to write test code! – Tomohisa Takaoka Dec 2 '11 at 6:02
That was perfect! It worked as a charm. iOS DOES do background work and I have tried 266MB file to split each 32 MB, and works perfectly! Thanks. – Tomohisa Takaoka Dec 2 '11 at 7:10
Does this have any file size limitation? I think the data returned from dataWithContentsOfFile will take in RAM and there will be limit. – Harry May 10 '15 at 2:27

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