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basically I am wondering if its possible to transpose anything that runs on document ready to run on jQm's pageCreate?

Reason being I am really struggling to find a way of making jQuery mobile work with wordPress plugins. I know I can use the rel external- but one of the points of using jQm is to have pages load with ajax and have the fancy transitions...

Realistically its just not feasible to go through all plugin code and change it to fire on pageCreate rather than document.ready- especially since this will blow Wordpress's automatic updating feature out of the water.

jQm suggest that you load all scripts that your site needs on first page load and that is feasible, but without rewriting them to fire on pageCreate they still don't work.

Its also kind of possible to include the scripts in data-role="page" but again updating the plugin will wreck this.

So what I am wondering is, is there anyway of transposing 'all' document.ready scripts to be pageCreate events?

This has got to be a major hurdle to jQm as I cant see how it can possibly take off if things like facebook like buttons and video players and all that other stuff is simply not loaded- unless they are all custom made, thereby completely negating a major part of the usefulness of things like Joomla and Wordpress which is off the shelf expandability.

I am really stuck here so any help much appreciated...

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It looks like this could be done by attaching $(document).trigger("ready"); to the jQM pagecreate event but what I really need is some way on setting that to only affect the contents of <div data-role="page"> -- I am guessing this is impossible... – David O'Sullivan Dec 1 '11 at 23:04
$(document).trigger("ready"); doesn't seem to do anything in this situation unfortunately :( – David O'Sullivan Dec 1 '11 at 23:42

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