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Can I share a single ACAccount instance between threads? Specifically I would like to create multiple TWRequest objects that are used by different NSOperationQueue instances. Those TWRequest objects will share a single ACAccount instance. Is that safe?


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You're going to have to give more context for what you're talking about. What are ACAccounts? TWRequests? More info is necessary to answer your question. Are these classes part of a framework? – Itai Ferber Dec 1 '11 at 23:24
This is for the Twitter framework in iOS 5. Clearly marked in the tags. – adib Dec 2 '11 at 5:58
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I'm going to say, "no." Firstly, ACAccount does not appear on Apple's "Thread Safe" list. Secondly, I see no explicit mention of thread safety in the reference for either of those classes. Thirdly, I see that TWRequest appears to be built upon NSURLConnection which is designed for use on a run loop (typically the main thread). I see nothing at all to indicate that these classes are safe for concurrent use from multiple threads. At best, you should take a thread-confinement approach (i.e. each thread fetches/creates its own copies of these objects and should not pass them between threads.)

Since TWRequest is designed for cooperative/runloop-based operation, I see no reason that you would need to do this stuff on a background thread either, FWIW.

So yeah. I'd say, "no."

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