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I know that it is possible to use Ctrl+] to jump to a definition in Vim and this can work in conjunction whith either ctags or Cscope. I am looking for a more accurate alternative to both ctags and Cscope when working PHP. Sometimes there are multiple possible results to choose from or false positives. I only want to jump to the actual definition of whatever is under the cursor. Ideally this should work for variables, functions, constants, and classes.

I don't see why this can't be done by analyzing the files. I have finally overcome just about every other annoyance/misunderstanding I have with Vim by learning and customizing, so if I could nail this one it would be awesome.

Also, do other's agree that Cscope and ctags are not accurate enough for PHP or am I doing something wrong?

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Closer: I believe this is a valid question as it's a problem a that would only be encountered by programmers. –  David Wolever Dec 2 '11 at 18:31

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To improve ctags for PHP, you could create tags file like this:

cd /path/to/framework/library
exec ctags-exuberant -f ~/.vim/mytags/framework \
-h ".php" -R \
--exclude="\.svn" \
--totals=yes \
--tag-relative=yes \
--PHP-kinds=+cf \
--regex-PHP='/abstract class ([^ ]*)/\1/c/' \
--regex-PHP='/interface ([^ ]*)/\1/c/' \
--regex-PHP='/(public |static |abstract |protected |private )+function ([^ (]*)/\2/f/'

then load the tags

:set tags=~/.vim/mytags/framework

taken from my blog post

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I tried this, but ctags is still pretty retarted after this. For example when trying to navigate to a function that exists in the current file, it takes me to a random line in that file. –  INTPnerd Feb 4 at 0:35
OK, for some reason pressing g <C-]> is working more accurately as in not jumping to a random line as described above, even when this does not bring up a list of choices. For now I have mapped <C-]> to g<C-]> and will see how that goes... –  INTPnerd Feb 4 at 1:19

More of a workaround, but if you press g CTRL+[ instead of just CTRL+', you get a list of all the tags of that name, and you can select which one to jump to.

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Actually this is what I am trying to avoid. The whole point is to jump to the definition, not manually search for it. It would be easier to just go to the definition myself than use this. –  INTPnerd Feb 4 at 0:50

You may also wanna take a look at eclim.

This could utilize eclipse's completion feature, and it should work fine for PHP (I haven't tried).

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I have tried eclim before and found it quite lacking compared to real Vim. I doubt there is any Vim plugin or emulation mode for anything that I would be satisfied with. –  INTPnerd Feb 4 at 0:39
Which part do you think eclim is lacking compared to Vim? –  xuhdev Feb 4 at 6:55
You know what, it has been so long since I tried this that I don't remember anymore. I just looked at the eclim page again, and it seems it might be a good solution, especially since it is designed so that you could use Vim as your primary editor. Also I see it has remained under active development so this gives me hope. I have removed the downvote for now. I will try this out when I have some time. –  INTPnerd Feb 5 at 21:55
It won't let me remove the downvote, sorry. –  INTPnerd Feb 5 at 21:55
I found eclim to work better than ctags but at the added expensive of depending on eclipse. It makes porting your vim configuration more of a pain but if you don't care about that I would give eclim a shot. –  Caleb Taylor Apr 4 at 14:34

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