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I am writing an SWT application, and I need to proxy http requests from SWT browser to the outside world (in order to fiddle with data that comes back).

The first thing I thought of was using a web proxy. Boom.

All Browser instances automatically use Windows' or OS X's global proxy settings.

When googling for alternatives I found this thread. They have some Mozilla-specific workarounds that are using nsIServiceManager dark magic, and I tend to think there have to be much more sane (and cross-browser) way to do that.

Also, I don‘t need a full-fledged web proxy. Just about any technique to intercept http request and change its response would be just fine. (Without an overkill of setting up system-wide proxy, that is.)

Any ideas?

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Can you detail your usecase a bit further? What do you need to change? – Fabian Zeindl Jan 10 '12 at 11:04
@FabianZeindl I need to be able to mangle data that SWT browser sends to and receives from the network. – ayanami Jan 10 '12 at 18:11

Have you tried to configure the proxy via Java code?

System.getProperties().put("http.proxyHost", "someProxyURL");
System.getProperties().put("http.proxyPort", "someProxyPort");
System.getProperties().put("http.proxyUser", "someUserName");
System.getProperties().put("http.proxyPassword", "somePassword");

This can be configured in your app startup class

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