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Again a fairly generic task with forms that seems to be tricky. I'm trying to put together a bunch of custom forms, all different instances of the same form class constructed with different args, one for each entry in a given model.

For example, this custom form lets the user tick a checkbox if they've been to a destination, and select (multiple) activites they've done whilst there:

class VisitorDestinationForm(Form):
    def __init__(self, visitor, destination, *args, **kwargs):
        super(VisitorForm, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        visitorDestinations = visitor.destinations.all()
        self.fields[destination.destination] = forms.BooleanField()
        self.fields[destination.destination].initial = destination in visitorDestinations 

And I would like to make a formset with one of these forms for each destination in my Destination queryset. (I can handle the visitor arg using curry, as suggested here)

The accepted answer to this question implies that modelformset_factory can take a simply a (custom) form and a (unrelated) queryset.

But if I try that I get an error:I can't use modelformset_factory, because the VisitorDestinationForm are not modelforms for the model I get my queryset (they are related though, and they should take a model instance in the constructor). This is confirmed if I look into the code (django 1.3)

It looks like django only handles 3 cases:

  • formset_factory: a set of forms of the same type constructed with the same params
  • modelformset_factory: a set of model forms for a queryset from that model
  • inlineformset_factory: a set of forms for related queryset linked via FK (NOT M2M)

But there seems to be nothing if you want to put together a list of custom forms that are initialised from a list of objects. I'm surprised about this, I thought it would be quite a common situation

Will I have to write my own custom formset_factory, by overriding the _construct_forms method in BaseFormSet? Or should I simply handle the bunch of forms separately in my view, and is there something to watch out for in this case (I heard validation can be tricky)?

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In the end this can be done quite easily by handling a list of independent forms in single view, as long as you remember to pass in different prefixes for each of the forms.

You can see the details in my answer to another closely related question I posted earlier

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