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I have an assignment. I need to add possibility for every file in Kademlia to improve Kademlia's search abilities. And also add some extra info for searching.

So, every user who wants to tag his file can do it by using my system (maybe in form of plugin for exact client). And every user who have my plugin (or any other way to run code) can have extra options while searching.

Extra info can be stored in file name using special formatting. Or it can be some extending of Kademlia protocol. Or it can be sended over some kind of chat system.

And so, I have a few questions: 1. What Kademlia clients have possibility to add plugins? 2. Any other ways to inject my code in protocol? 3. Any other ways to store extra info for file? But I consider these questions is not for answers I would like to recive... I just don't know from what to start.

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