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I have a custom CLI debugger for which I'm interested in a GUI. The debugger exposes an API with simple functions such as GetMemory(), SetMemory(), GetRegister(), Run(), Stop(), Address2Line() etc. through a TCP socket using a very simple protocol.

I'm looking for the easiest, fastest way of connecting it to a GUI. It seems there are many very good graphical debuggers, so after some research I think these are my best options:

  • Write a GDB translator - that will act as a gdbserver on one hand, translating all requests for the debugger, and also translate all events from the debugger to gdb compatible events. Then I can use any of the many gdb front-ends.
  • Write a Visual Studio Debug Engine
  • Write a plug-in for Eclipse (or some other open IDE)
  • Write a fresh GUI myself

So which will take the least effort / time ? Is there another way? Is there maybe a graphical debugger where I can easily define custom functions for debugging?

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I would write an adapter so you can interact with something standard like GDB or Eclipse. Writing custom GUI code would be a waste of effort

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