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I am having issues showing one div then hiding the previous div.

var newElem = '#ID' + numVariable;

 $(newElem).click(function (){

   $($(this).attr('id') + 'Properties').show();


Divs that I click on

<div class="something" id="ID1"  > some data</div>
<div class="something" id="ID2"  > some data</div>

Divs that should show and hide

<div class="elemPropGlobal" id="ID1Properties"  > 

<div class="elemPropGlobal" id="ID2Properties"  > 
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You forgot the #.

$('#' + + 'Properties').show();
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Currently you're looking for elements that are named ID1Properties etc. You need a # prefix to search by id!

$("#" + $(this).attr('id') + 'Properties').show();
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I don't know if it is an oversimplification, but you're not setting the click event for both divs and you're forgetting the hash in the second selector:

$(newElem).click(function (){}); //newElem is #ID1 or #ID2

you could do

    $(".something").click(function (){

      $("#" + $(this).attr('id') + 'Properties').show();  //Remember the hash!
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I am trying to boil down 300 lines of code into an example. I have the # in there and should have added to the example. The click events are both there by the numVariable (var newElem = '#ID' + numVariable; ). I was trying to find and elegant way to show hide and wanted to make sure the code I used is best practice. – user1009749 Dec 2 '11 at 1:21
I thought so, it was just in case. Check the missing hash though :) – NicoSantangelo Dec 2 '11 at 1:50

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