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What is the best practice for unlocking app features to the user in Android?

How are add-ons for apps handled? Let's say I write a game and want to release levels in episodes.

From what I have read here Google Help-Page on DLC, every batch of levels should be an application. So I guess I have to use the package manager to check if the user has some of them on the device. The accepted answer of this similar question, here, suggests the same thing, but it only covers resources.

So I'm wondering, based on that, if I had not only resources, but actual logic, that I could just use another apk as a sort of 'jar' file for everything?

I have the feeling that this might be the kind of question I should know the answer for by reading the manual, but ...it has eluded me, despite doing so.

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The source you linked was from a long time ago. Nowadays, it's better to use In-App Billing. From the source (emphasis mine):

Android Market In-app Billing is an Android Market service that lets you sell digital content in your applications. You can use the service to sell a wide range of content, including downloadable content such as media files or photos, and virtual content such as game levels or potions.

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