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Everytime I click to load the video in the new page, the url parameters are getting the base then repeating themselves. So it goes from /screen/mobile/videos.asp to /screen/mobile/videos.asp#/screen/mobile/videoplayers.asp?id=b7c5z654vz_ak0

I've played around with it so much, but it seems no matter what I do it always resorts to the above, even when using absolute urls.

$(".videolink").unbind("click").click(function(e) {
        var data = $(this).attr("href");
            console.log('changing to videplayer.asp');

Need to find a work around to it as the urls are not friendly at all.

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Did you try specifying an absolute URL? For example,


Whenever JQM loads pages with AJAX it will do that - since it only appends the new div to the current DOM (it's not actually reloading the full page).

If you want to disable this AJAX loading (and actually load a fresh page into the browser), you need to look into the documentation for example the AjaxEnabled property for setting this globally.

Hope this helps...

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