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I've an imageList control with a bunch of icons in my main form. I want to use these icons on other forms as well. How can i do this? Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks

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Create a user control. They are valuable for reuse like this.

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Do you want to reuse the entire ImageList, or would it be enough to just reuse the images themselves?

Usually you would do the latter, for which there is a very easy way built-in.

Under your project node in the Solution Explorer, expand Properties and double-click Resources.resx. Click Add Resource > Add Existing File. Browse to your icons/images and add them. This is the preferred way to add resources to your project.

Now anywhere you want to use an icon/image, from the forms designer you'll be able to select these files in the "Select Resource" dialog that pops up when you click the ... button on an image property in the property grid.

You can also access them in code, e.g.

   BackgroundImage = Properties.Resources.MyImageFile;
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