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Recently, New API HttpsConnection has introduced in Java ME. I want to know what could be the effect If I use HttpsConnection rather than old one HttpConnection ?

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from HttpsConnection's JavaDoc

This interface defines the necessary methods and constants to establish a secure network connection. The URI format with scheme https when passed to Connector.open will return a HttpsConnection. RFC 2818 defines the scheme.

A secure connection MUST be implemented by one or more of the following specifications:

HTTP over TLS as documented in RFC 2818 and TLS Protocol Version 1.0 as specified in RFC 2246. SSL V3 as specified in The SSL Protocol Version 3.0 WTLS as specified in WAP Forum Specifications June 2000 (WAP 1.2.1) conformance release - Wireless Transport Layer Security document WAP-199. WAP(TM) TLS Profile and Tunneling Specification as specified in WAP-219-TLS-20010411-a

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Thank you Sir. It is really very helpful information for me. –  Lucifer Dec 2 '11 at 4:10

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