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Would you please provide the list of code-review plugins in Eclipse?

Would also like to integrate all the team member's IDEs so that review defects can be assigned directly to individuals through the IDEs. Wherever applicable, would you please provide the setup steps?

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What would you like to reach? The question may have different backgrounds, so I try two directions here:

  1. Code review inside eclipse:

    • Checkstyle for Eclipse: Checks rules per class, fast, easy to install and configure.
    • PMD for Eclipse: Similar to Checkstyle, but is able to define rules over more than one class.
    • Findbugs for Eclipse: Checks the code for typical errors by doing a static flow analysis on the bytecode. Works as well for libraries!
    • Sonar in Eclipse: Displays findings found in a central Sonar server.

    None of these plugins allows (directly) the review part, e.g. defining who has to fix what.

  2. Code review support in Eclipse. The only solution I am aware (but have not used yet) is Gerrit. Gerrit allows on the base of Git to review changes in the code by others. Very sophisticated, but not so easy to setup. Eclipse is one component of the whole, others are Git and a central review server.
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The best source is the Eclipse MarketPlace.

You can search and list all code review plugins.

Code Review search on marketplace

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