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Sorry about longer context before question itself!

I am developer who is fairly new to UI and never had to work extensively on HTML/CSS in past. But my current project I am working on GWT, being aware of Java and basic GWT. I managed to pick up get GWT stuff quickly, but getting stuck from time to time in getting a good UI with CSS for example

  • I created Menu using Lable and Tree, but later after few questions on SO realized that Anchor was better choice
  • Though I achieved my objective partially with anchors, the UL/LI came in picture in Style

So with that, and my limited current knowledge of CSS,

  • Can you suggest me a good tool which can automate style application to GWT elements with a preview?
  • Would fundamentals of CSS application be different in GWT as compared to HTML (Specially assuming my usage of whatever-I-Wished-in-GWT!
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From my experience, learning a HTML/CSS basics and using UIBinder for declaratively creating the UI works best. This way, its quite easy to separate the View and the Controller.

If you're really not into GUI development, try GWT Designer, which is quite a powerful GUI designer (it let's you design the UI, and then generates UIBinder Files + Java sources for you).

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I have used GWTDesigner extensively. Though there are certain aspects which I need to code after I am done with design in GWTDesigner. I think your point of learning basic CSS is valid. –  vishal.biyani Dec 2 '11 at 19:17
I checked the CSS Support in GWT Designer and it looks exnetsive. I think I should be able to get done what I intended to. Thanks for your help again! –  vishal.biyani Dec 2 '11 at 19:19

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