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Is there a way to hide the border of a drop down menu in IE (to make it look flat, blend into the background)? In Firefox it's simple enough to just set the border to 0px, but IE still renders a border even if you set the border to 0px.

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This isn't possible in IE. They don't allow styling of the drop-down component of a list, except for the text inside it (ie. red text).

IE actually uses a Windows-level control, not a browser-based one, so it is rather limited.

Edit: When this post was originally made, a stable version of IE8 wasn't released yet. According to comments, IE8 supports border styling. However, even ~2 years after IE8's release, you still shouldn't count on all of your users having IE8+.

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Not true, IE8+ handles border styling if you are in standards mode (you have set a modern DOCTYPE). –  pcguru Dec 1 '11 at 12:22

I recently saw some tool kits fly the actual dropdown out 5000 pixels, replace it with a custom control, and use javascript to connect the 2 controls.

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IE8 supports changing a drop down`s border, but IE6 doesn't.

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