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I have an iframe that loads a page inside it.. when a link is clicked on the page in the iframe, resize the body of the parent aka the document that has the iframe's body..

 Body         <------------------------
    Iframe                            |
        Page                          |
         Link... Upon Click, resize body --

How do I do the above? I tried Parent.document.body.style.width = "200px". and it didn't work. Not sure what to do. Please Help!

function Parentresize(id)
var newheight = 2000;
var newwidth = 2000;
parent.document.getElementById(id).height= (newheight) + "px";
parent.document.getElementById(id).width= (newwidth) + "px";
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I think you have missed the style.height and style.width

This is the code I used in iframe

<script language="javascript">
    function Parentresize(id)
        alert("U r there");
        var newheight = 200;
        var newwidth = 200;
        parent.document.getElementById(id).style.height = newheight + "px";
        parent.document.getElementById(id).style.width = newwidth + "px";

<a href="javascript:Parentresize('sam');" >Call Me </a>
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@sothunders I have script for opposite scenario also. –  Sameera Thilakasiri Dec 2 '11 at 7:53
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Ok I figured it out. This code will exactly do that. It is a bit lengthy because of extra code for cross browser compatibility:

function WindowSize()
    WinWidth = 0, WinHeight = 0;    //Initialize variables with a value of 0;
    if(typeof(parent.window.innerWidth) == 'number')    //Well I need the parent width of the iFrame aka browser width. Width is a number, not undefined..
        WinWidth = parent.window.innerWidth;
        WinHeight = parent.window.innerHeight;
    else if(parent.document.documentElement && (parent.document.documentElement.clientWidth || parent.document.documentElement.clientHeight))
        //IE 6+
        WinWidth = parent.document.documentElement.clientWidth;
        WinHeight = parent.document.documentElement.clientHeight;
    return WinWidth;

function BodyResize(ID)
    var IDTag = parent.document.getElementById(ID);

    if(IDTag.clientWidth == '1024')
        IDTag.style.width = (WindowSize() + 'px');
        IDTag.style.width = '1024px';

just call this function BodyResize(ID) as
<body id="mainbody" onClick="BodyResize('mainbody')">
<iframe id="interframe" onClick="BodyResize('interframe')">

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