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I'm having problems with clearing the cache of PSPDFDocument before and after deleting the PDF file.

here's what I do:

// ...
PSPDFDocument *document = [PSPDFDocument PDFDocumentWithUrl:(pdfURL)];
[document clearCacheForced:YES];

[mManagedObjectContext deleteObject:mPdfDocument];
// ...

when I try to clear entire cache for all PDFs, it works:

// ...
[[PSPDFCache sharedPSPDFCache] clearCache];
// ...

Any ideas?

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Well, the method name is a bit misleading, clearCacheForced on PSPDFDocument just releases some internal cache like the document page count, coordinates, annotation positions - not image content that is cached to disk by PSPDFCache. You need to call

- (void)removeCacheForDocument:(PSPDFDocument *)aDocument deleteDocument:(BOOL)deleteMagazine

in PSPDFCache to remove the cached images.

Also see the API documentation:

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Thanks for the answer. I've sent you an email with couple of questions. – jackal Feb 6 '12 at 5:57

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