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I use the following function to replace short phrases in the frontent pages.

It is more easy to maintain and seems to consume less memory, but the performance seems to be dropped somehow.

So in general is it a "good way" to handle static text like this?

I have not found a better way yet.

function get($tag,$hl = false) { // Language based Textstring
    $tag = strtolower($tag);
    $rtag = urlencode($tag);

    global $_SESSION;
    if (!$hl) {
        if (!isset($_SESSION['hl'])) { // set Default language to English
            $_SESSION['hl'] = "en";
        $hl = $_SESSION['hl'];  // set Session language if none given

    if (!apc_exists('hl'.$hl.$rtag)) {
        global $db,$APC,$_SESSION;
        $r = $db->fetchRow("select $hl from language where tag='$tag' limit 1;");
        if (($r)&&(strlen($r[$hl]) > 2)) {
            return $r[$hl];
        else {
            return "$". $tag;
    else { // data avaiable ... get cache
        return apc_fetch('hl'.$hl.$rtag);
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w00t. global $_SESSION? And w00t, another call to global $_SESSION? – dynamic Dec 2 '11 at 18:37
yeah whatever .. thats not really the point of the question ... – Nullx8 Dec 3 '11 at 15:17

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