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var todate = new Ext.form.DateField({
        format: 'd/m/Y', 
        fieldLabel: '',
        id: 'txtExpireDate',
        name: 'txtExpireDate',
        width: 150,
        allowBlank: false,
        value: '',
        renderTo: 'divDateExpire'

This code to display only date. How to use datetime format?

Thank you

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Which datetime format are you talking about? You have to make your question more clear. –  Chau Dec 2 '11 at 7:57

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In Ext.Form.DateField we're not able to show time directly when selecting a date in date picker. For that we add listeners:

var dtpIssueDate = new Ext.form.DateField({
  listeners: {
    select: function(dtpIssueDate, date) {

//Bind time with date selected in the picker
function BindTimeWithDate(date) {
  try {
    var currentTime = new Date()

    // Get a current hours and add with date.

    // Get a current minutes and add with date.

    dtDateTimeValue = date.format('dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm');
  catch (e) {
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There is no component in extjs library which can display date & time both. And thus, you cannot use date time format in one. The closest one can get to is with this.

Hope this helps.

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I have solution for this question. By set format: 'd/m/Y H:i:s' –  KCuncle Dec 6 '11 at 4:48

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