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I want to browse field for attaching picture. For that i have written

 When I attach the file at "/home/name/Desktop/flower030.gif" to "uploaded_data"

For this i have step definition

When /^I attach the file at "([^\"]*)" to "([^\"]*)"$/ do |path, field|
attach_file(field, path)

And I am getting error as

When I attach the file at "/home/myname/Desktop/flower030.gif" to "uploaded_data" # features/step_definitions/web_steps.rb:617 Element cannot contain user-editable text (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnhandledError) [remote server] resource://fxdriver/modules/atoms.js:831:in unknown' [remote server] resource://fxdriver/modules/atoms.js:1037:inunknown' [remote server] resource://fxdriver/modules/atoms.js:7108:in unknown' [remote server] file:///tmp/webdriver-profile20111202-11766-15ufxvj/extensions/ -> file:///tmp/webdriver-profile20111202-11766-15ufxvj/extensions/' [remote server] file:///tmp/webdriver-profile20111202-11766-15ufxvj/extensions/ unknown' [remote server] file:///tmp/webdriver-profile20111202-11766-15ufxvj/extensions/' [remote server] file:///tmp/webdriver-profile20111202-11766-15ufxvj/extensions/ unknown' (eval):2:insend' (eval):2:in attach_file' ./features/step_definitions/web_steps.rb:618:in/^I attach the file at "([^\"])" to "([^\"])"$/' features/Manage_website_process.feature:1687:in `When I attach the file at "/home/myname/Desktop/flower030.gif" to "uploaded_data"'

Also i have used predefined steps of web_steps.rb but not working.

Please help!!!!!!!!! Suggest me any way for solving attach file problem in cucumber-capybara.

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Can you paste in the source of the page you're testing? At least the uploaded_data form element? It sounds as though this might not actually be a file upload element. – Jon M Dec 2 '11 at 8:33
I got the solution Jon M...Actually it is just because of gem version problem in capybara. – user895993 Dec 2 '11 at 14:46

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